Being Responsive


Dear TRENDS Diary - 

The mission of the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is to create avenues to stable housing for our community’s homeless adults, from a foundation of supportive and safe shelter. COVID-19 has challenged us to reexamine what it means to offer safe shelter. Are those experiencing homelessness safer living outside, or under our roof in a communal living configuration? What can we do to make the Shelter as safe as possible? What will we do if there is an outbreak of the virus in our building? How can we keep Shelter staff safe?

We are still learning the answers to these questions, but here is what we know today.

Our community is generous. Whether it is donating homemade masks, volunteering or sending financial contributions, our community has really stepped up during this crisis.

Our residents are resilient. Adding a virus outbreak to the considerable challenges of experiencing homelessness has not stopped our residents from their amazing ability to meet each day with optimism.

The City of Boulder has established a $200K challenge grant to support qualifying Boulder small businesses in their continued safe operation during the immediate pandemic health crisis (COVID-19) and near-term response. Local philanthropists, Dan and Cindy Caruso and the Zayo group added another $50K to the fund, which was envisioned by the Boulder Chamber and will be administered by your Community Foundation Boulder County.
To assist with preventing the spread of COVID-19, Community Foundation Boulder County's building will be temporarily closed starting 5 p.m. on Monday, March 16. While we will not physically be in our office, we will continue all normal business operations and are here to serve Boulder County.
Now open at your Community Foundation Boulder County.