Health Collaborative

Your Community Foundation Boulder County now offers factual information and resources about the public charge policy, and how immigrant families and individuals can continue to access the benefits and services they need.
The Boulder County Health Improvement Collaborative (BCHIC), an initiative of your Community Foundation, is working to improve access to specialty care for Medicaid and uninsured patients countywide – from recruiting medical specialists willing to treat Medicaid and uninsured patients, to streamlining a referral system for providers and care coordinators.
“Nonprofits fill the gaps in the fabric of our community, addressing unmet needs – from promoting critical initiatives, from early childhood education and funding other nonprofit organizations, to addressing the needs of the marginalized.”
“At this stage, we’re aiming to provide specialty care to 30 new patients every month, or 360 patients a year. The participating practices tell us the number of patients they are willing to see and our community-owned database allows us to stay within those parameters.”