Civic Engagement

Some 14 local nonprofits and government agencies are participating in this community mobilization effort, to date. Among the participants, CU Boulder is working to engage students, faculty, and staff to take the Census 2020 survey online now.
If you'd like to join the effort, donate now to our fund, and tell everyone you know to go to starting March 13, and spend 10 minutes answering 10 questions that will impact our community for 10 years to come.
“People don’t just automatically know about local boards and commissions that impact their lives. That’s one reason why Leadership Fellows is incredibly important – inspiring an inclusive community where everyone’s voice is heard, and encouraging each of us to reach out to people who have been historically ignored, or taken for granted."
“The City of Boulder is committed to doing some real things to educate our community around chapters of our history that have been misrepresented or ignored. So a group of us got together – natives and non-natives – to help implement the city’s resolution. Our goal is to promote ‘right relationship,’ which you can’t have until you understand history.”