Civic Engagement


Bill O’Hare calls it a perfect storm.


If you’re an employer, recruit, hire, promote and retain people of color in your business or organization, and make sure your white employees are culturally competent and receive cultural competency training.

Elect people of color to represent you in government.

Do your own personal work developing your cultural competency and understanding white privilege.

Make sure you’re giving financially at least at the national rate of 3.2% of your income, and tell your friends and family what you’re doing and why.

by Chris Barge

The date is seared in Naropa President Chuck Lief’s memory: March 1, 2019. The day one of his students,  Zayd Atkinson, an African American, was detained on his front doorstep for picking up trash.

As one of four national participants in the Knight Foundation’s Community Information Lab, your Community Foundation had the unique opportunity to explore what it means to create the conditions for Latino Bilingual Cultural Brokers (LBCBs) to help drive decisions locally.