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Dear TRENDS Diary - 

If you had told my teenage self I would still be living in my hometown of Longmont at age 31, I never would have believed it. But reflecting on the love-hate relationship of the place we call home, and realizing what elements really make somewhere home, has shaped me and my artwork. I also love that Longmont, who’s population is about 25% Chicanx/Latinx, communally celebrates my culture and history.

As a 2021 Boulder Creative Collective artist resident, I am working on a series of paintings and three-dimensional work that is influenced by the Rasquache art movement. Rasquache, which was originally a derogatory term describing the taste of the Mexican lower class, became a way for artists to take pride in where they came from and embrace color, clutter, and using kitsch or “cheap” items for fine art material.


Dear TRENDS Diary - 

Ten years ago, I formed a theater company in Boulder called The Catamounts. We call what we do “theater for an adventurous palate” because we believe theatre should be a very live and adaptive art form.

This pandemic feels like such an unprecedented time. But actually, it isn't. We human beings have gone through cycles of terrible epidemics throughout history, and we’ve always made it through. Many of Colorado’s earliest settlers came here because they believed the arid mountain climate could cure them of tuberculosis, one of the deadliest respiratory diseases in history.

While most of our work is presented in Boulder County, we are presenting “Land of Milk and Honey,” written by local playwright Jeffrey Neuman, through June 27 on the historic Shoenberg Farm, which was founded by a Jewish philanthropist who lost a son to tuberculosis.

Please join us Thursday, April 29, from 2:30 to 5 p.m., for the third in our series of virtual trainings crafted for nonprofit leaders about inclusive leadership. The series will help executive directors, leaders, and trustees gain a deeper understanding of inclusive leadership, learn concrete strategies to implement within their organizations, and network with non-profit leaders across Boulder County.
This session, led by Dr. Elena Sandoval-Lucero and Nia Wassink, will help you gain a better understanding of strategic planning & how to embed equity work into your plan.
We will get through this together.