Community Catalyst

Community Foundation Boulder County and KGNU Community Radio are pleased to announce the inaugural cohort and launch of the TRENDS Reporting Fellowship.
Equity is systems change. And public policy is central to this work since it can advance impact over time not otherwise possible. In the spirit of collaboration, we want to hear from you — our donors, grantees, and community stakeholders. Our survey takes ~15 minutes to complete. Deadline is Sep. 23.

Dear Friends,
The past seven weeks have allowed me to meet many of you through group meet-n-greets on Zoom or through one-on-one conversations. I appreciate the time each of you has taken to share your insights, and I look forward to meeting more of you, as well as continuing all our conversations. 

One of the privileges of being a part of a community foundation is the opportunity to hear from different people and to share back what’s on people’s minds. In doing so, it gives us all the chance to consider how we might together work towards a common vision for Boulder County. In the conversations thus far, I have indeed heard some themes. 

We're creating a video that highlights the strength of our community coming together to support one another this year, and we need your help [click through for instructions, also in Spanish]: deadline is September 7. Please submit your existing or new video footage that shows these trying times, as well as acts of service, kindness, community, and learning. We're interested in your perspective on what it means to be a good friend, neighbor, and community member. There is an honorarium for individuals whose videos are used in the final video. #CommunityMatters