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Grace and Gratitude

My cell phone rang on a sunny afternoon in November of 2016. The call was from Josie Heath welcoming me to the leadership of Community Foundation Boulder County. Josie and I had known each other for years.  We didn’t speak much of the foundation that day. We spoke instead of the meaning and impact of the recent presidential election.

I started at the foundation eleven days before President Trump’s inauguration, and I’ll retire about four months before the next presidential election day. 

Over that time, I have been overwhelmed by grace. For a long time, I didn’t truly understand the meaning of this concept. I understand it now. Grace is love unearned, unconditional, and unbidden. It is only understood by experiencing it.

Many of you stepped up to support the foundation with countless hours of service, incredibly generous financial commitment, and, to my undying gratitude, your friendship. We’ve accomplished much together and much remains to be done. Because of you and a stellar board and staff, I believe the future of this foundation is bright and full of promise. 

Community Foundation Boulder County’s COVID-19 Response Fund was created on March 13, 2020. A new report summarizes all grantees of the fund to date, including how the grants are being allocated to strengthen nonprofit partnerships, and to uplift organizations that ensure essential services for community members who find themselves at the intersection of being most vulnerable to the virus and most impacted by inequity.