“With so many changes to our delivery model and to the stackable lines of defense, Salud has invested Community Foundation funding toward patient and health worker safety, including PPE such as gowns, face shields, masks, and protective barriers at the front desk. This PPE supports Salud’s dental and medical staff as they provide in-clinic visits, along with drive-through testing that we provide outside of our clinics.”
“Even while there are many aspects of the effects of COVID-19 that are still being figured out, our goal remains to be prepared for an influx of people requiring food services because of cliffs and key moments like the one we’re in. As a community, we need to be poised to get even more food out. [...] We need to be as proactive as we can be, in a reactive environment.”
“Hospitality and public events drive our revenue, so we knew right away we’d be hit hard. We realized we needed to be innovative and creative about off-setting some of the loss, even as we need to play our part to address the suffering happening around us.”
“Given the strong tradition of our program’s focus on inclusive leadership – and the experience of working to address equity concerns that many of our Fellows brought to the table – it was particularly heartening that this Leadership Fellows class was prepared to give heightened focus to creating a more inclusive, just, and equitable society in the wake of local and national attention in these areas.”