Cultural Brokers


Boulder County has lost a gentle giant who inspired many as a champion and social innovator for Latino families.

Nino Gallo succumbed to COVID-19 on Dec. 1. 

Nino was involved with many people on a wide variety of projects inside and outside the Boulder County government. His work links to education, economic development, civic participation and a variety of areas of community impact. Nino began working in Boulder County in 1995 and was assigned to support the migrant farming communities at Casa de la Esperanza and Casa Vista.

In 2000, he held a new position in the Department of Community Services to support the Latino community, and for the last several years he created and directed the Personal Investment Companies program in the Division of Community Action Programs. Nino was a pioneer on many fronts in community service programming and won awards over the years for his innovative work. Nino, who never turned down additional duties, stepped in to help this year with the 2020 Census, providing critical outreach support to our county's Latino community.

Experts say inequality isn’t just rearing its head in hospitals, but in many aspects of pandemic life. Locally, AMISTAD – a grantee of Community Foundation Boulder County that promotes education, health, and quality of life for our Latino community – is stepping up.
"It’s a balancing act between protecting the health and safety of both Census workers and the people we’re trying to reach, to ensure a complete and accurate count of all our communities."
“We knew we’d be doing some online promotion, including outreach through our different social media channels. We’ve really expanded that to where we’re almost entirely online, now – in addition to placing posters and signs where people still go, and distributing postcards to local businesses that are open.”