"In my mind, anyone who puts their lives on the line to protect our country, our families, and our freedom, deserves whatever we can give back to them. But more often than not, veterans are people who feel really uncomfortable asking for help. It’s easy for them to fall through the cracks and not receive the services and benefits that they’re entitled to."
“The size of the problem that confronts us requires the expertise of all professions, of everyone. We’ve got to recognize that our greatest common problem – to ensure a habitable planet – demands the attention of all of us working together.”
“Climate change is daily, headline news – more than ever, we really need to think about how to reverse course for our planet. To do that, it takes not only political will, it takes philanthropists coming together to change the trajectory, and to pool and leverage their resources where they’re most needed.”
"We were looking for a way to give back over the long-term that would also engage our kids."