"It’s shocking to me that Colorado ranks 46th in teacher pay and 42nd in per student funding, nationally. Put another way, the state’s school funding lags behind the national average by $2,800 per pupil! So while Amendment 73 may raise taxes for some of us (8% of tax filers earning more than $150K), it’s an obvious right step in the right direction toward addressing this severe funding shortage in our schools."
"We can and must do better for our children, our teachers, and our schools. New funds from Amendment 73 would go straight to our local school districts to spend in the best way to meet local community needs and as accountable to local voters."
Consistent with its longstanding commitment to education, Community Foundation Boulder County is endorsing Amendment 73 which, as described by the Bell Policy Center, proposes to "raise funding for public education by enacting a graduated income tax increase and adjusting the property tax assessment rates for school districts."
“Although Latinos have contributed to life in Boulder County for a long time, they are largely invisible in histories and descriptions of Colorado communities. The Latino History Project aims to fill that gap in knowledge by engaging our diverse Latino communities in documenting, sharing, and paying respect to their own – and their forerunners’ – contributions here over 100 years.”