“Because we’re not single-issue people, we really appreciate partnering with the Community Foundation. We know they do the work to understand the needs of our community, and to vet local nonprofits that address everything from early childhood concerns to affordable housing to homelessness. We like to support multiple causes and the foundation is good way to do that.”
“This may seem like a cool and hip place to be for Millennials to come and work, but the day-to-day people – what I think of as grassroots members of our community – often can’t make ends meet. Recognizing and addressing those needs and discrepancies – also in terms of who has the opportunity to go on to college – is incredibly important.”
"If we really want to impact our community and make a real change, we must work together to maximize limited resources."
“Through the arts, community-based learning, and leadership development, we provide underserved youths with structured and sustained opportunities to tap into their talents."