In Boulder County, we’ve also seen an uptick in estate planning, and an urgency to include local charities in those plans. If you haven’t been in touch with us already to discuss leaving assets to the Community Foundation – or to a specific foundation fund – in your estate plan, we’re standing by.
It’s times like these that bring the value and responsibility of your Community Foundation into sharper focus. Please consider giving now to support the operations of your Community Foundation, and please consider giving an annual operating gift early this year to all of your favorite nonprofit organizations.
Community wisdom, lived experience, diverse experience, knowledge, and input are essential to the success of our Community Trust. We need you to help us by volunteering to be a grant reviewer!
"The Eldora Mountain Resort’s donation to Canyon Cares through their Play it Forward Fund is HUGE for us, not only in terms of monetary value and the number of people we can help, but also in terms of community support from one of the most recognized businesses in the area."