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If you want to understand heroin addiction, think about this: When addicts seek more heroin to stave off the terrifying symptoms of withdrawal, they say “I need to get well.”


Colorado’s suicide rate remains stubbornly high at seventh in the nation. While the causes are not known, lack of access to mental health care is often cited as a possible contributor.

In an effort to show its support for expanded and improved services for those with mental illness, Boulder Community health in 2019 cut the ribbon on one of the most modern mental health care facilities in Colorado.

The $45 million, 70,000 square-foot Della Cava Family Medical Pavilion is part of BCH’s strategic commitment to make Boulder the healthiest community in the country. It includes an 18-bed inpatient behavioral health unit on the top floor, plus a counseling center, an outpaient behavioral health clinic, and a Center for Mind Body Medicine.

by Cindy Sutter

Get prenatal care if you’re pregnant and encourage others to do so.

Vaccinate your children.

Pay attention to your family’s mental health. Watch for signs of self-harm, mood swings and sadness. Seek help, if necessary.

Teach your children about diversity and re-examine your own views about race, sexuality and economic class. Be an ally and teach your children to stand up for others.

Talk to your kids about vaping and ask if their friends are vaping. Watch for vaping devices.

Discard unused prescriptions at a sanctioned drop-off place. Do not flush down the toilet. Talk to your children about opioid addiction and watch for changes in behavioral changes.

Get plenty of exercise and eat nutritionally dense food.

by Cindy Sutter

Jenna Howerton remembers almost nothing about her third session of conversion therapy.