Leadership Fellows

“Like Leadership Fellows, Boulder Food Rescue is community- and resident-driven. We depend on partnerships and collaborations to address food access, locally. Leadership Fellows helps connect the dots and harness new connections toward addressing the root causes of food insecurity, and driving systems change by engaging all sectors.”
“People don’t just automatically know about local boards and commissions that impact their lives. That’s one reason why Leadership Fellows is incredibly important – inspiring an inclusive community where everyone’s voice is heard, and encouraging each of us to reach out to people who have been historically ignored, or taken for granted."
“Leadership Fellows reminds us that none of us work alone, and the work that everyone is doing to improve the quality of life in Boulder is important. That realization was inspiring to me, and makes me want to do even more in my community.”
"Leadership Fellows brings together people who are motivated to make Boulder County a better place that’s more welcoming for everyone."