Making Informed Decisions

Not everyone wants to share their information with the government. While recent attempts to get a citizenship question included in the Census were struck down in the courts, it’s left a feeling of distrust in many communities. What's at stake?
If you missed the live broadcast, tune in here to listen to this compelling conversation that is at once concerning, but also hopeful in the may efforts underway to address our community’s housing and poverty problems.
In three compelling videos that expand on the stories and data in our newly released 2019 Boulder County TRENDS Report, we're excited to share with you the experience and informed perspectives of valued community leaders who inspire community action for meaningful impact.
" is so busy sometimes that I feel like I’m hardly looking up. People pass quickly on the sidewalk, or whoosh by in another car without my really seeing them. It’s easy to stay in our own little worlds. The Boulder County TRENDS Report – a biennial publication of your Community Foundation – pulls us out of our comfort zones, and helps us to really register and understand the community we live in."