Open Door Fund

In light of the recent Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruling, our radio show this month focused on the effects of the ruling, the persistent challenges faced by our LGBTQ community, and how to better support marginalized family members, friends, and neighbors.

In early 2017, Community Foundation Boulder County board and staff approved a statement to better articulate our values and with whom we stand (see end of letter). While we find reasons every day to draw inspiration from our statement of affirmation, there are moments when it becomes particularly important to stand with our community and speak out for equity. The recent ruling in the Masterpiece Cake Shop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission has presented such a moment.

The foundation has promised to be an honest broker of information to this community. During the past week, I’ve become aware that there is not only confusion about the ruling but that some have chosen to interpret the ruling as validation for discriminatory and threatening behavior towards our LGBTQ friends and neighbors.

Community Foundation Boulder County affirms the statement of the Funders for LGBTQ Issues:

ODF is interested in supporting new and emerging ideas, especially those that contribute to systemic change.
“We’re really interested in strengthening any marginalized group.”