Planned Giving

For Maggie Alfonso – a longtime educator and volunteer in and around Boulder County – the decision to create a legacy gift was the answer to sleepless nights.

I finally did it.  I had been putting it off, but it was easy, and I feel good about it.  Before I tell you what it was, let me ask you to think about something you’ve been putting off.  Here’s an example:

Foundation President Josie Heath told us at a recent Board of Trustees meeting about a woman who had told Josie for several years that she was planning to make a significant gift to the Community Foundation as part of her estate planning.  She would say it with conviction, a smile, and a twinkle in her eye, obviously pleased that she was doing a good thing and confident that her gift would make an impact.  Josie felt pretty good about it too, knowing how important leaving a legacy gift to the community she so loved was to the woman.


You don’t have to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffet to make a difference in preserving and improving your community – today and for future generations.  

Indeed, there are several straightforward ways to leave a legacy, no matter your income. Even if you’re not a billionaire or a millionaire (after all, most of us aren’t), we’ll show you how you can positively impact the causes you care about most. 

One way to give back is through your retirement plan, life insurance policy or annuity simply by naming The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County as a beneficiary. We can help you with this process and we’ll make sure to fulfill your philanthropic purpose – whether toward general community support or your specific area of interest.