Pledge 1% Colorado

We celebrate the tenacity of our Colorado startup community after a tumultuous year. We’re pleased to share that five of our member companies were acquired during 2020, totaling more than $750K in philanthropic capital created during a year where we witnessed outsized need across every town and city in our state.
Last month, when Altvia publicly announced a majority recapitalization, the Community Foundation was an obvious fit to establish the Altvia Abundance Foundation, a Donor-Advised Fund. "It's all closely aligned with what we’ve always espoused as a mission-driven company. To reach this point of recapitalizing feels very cool, very fulfilling."
“We feel that Community Foundation Boulder County is the easiest and best steward for our capital. Because Pledge 1% Colorado is housed underneath the Community Foundation, I knew the foundation by reputation – and I continue to feel good about its brand and its impact.”
“It’s about coming full circle where both equity scenarios intersect for greater productivity, success, and impact.”