School Readiness Initiative


When Giovani Hernandez first saw Skyline High School shortly after moving to Longmont from Chihuahua, Mexico, he thought he’d arrived at a university.

Two Boulder County children enter kindergarten. One has well-educated parents and a family with an income that is middle class or higher. The other has parents with less schooling and a lower income. Odds are, their futures look different.
“Our mission is to create a critical mass of Latino parents who are well informed and skilled to help their children enter kindergarten ready to learn,” says ELPASO Executive Director Tere Garcia.
"It’s shocking to me that Colorado ranks 46th in teacher pay and 42nd in per student funding, nationally. Put another way, the state’s school funding lags behind the national average by $2,800 per pupil! So while Amendment 73 may raise taxes for some of us (8% of tax filers earning more than $150K), it’s an obvious right step in the right direction toward addressing this severe funding shortage in our schools."