TRENDS: A Call to Action

Welcome to TRENDS online.

The Community Foundation Boulder County was four years old in 1995 when it “incubated” the Civic Forum and supported the work that led to TRENDS.

Today, the Community Foundation – your foundation – is a trusted community catalyst that ignites action by making informed decisions, being responsive and believing we accomplish more together than we do alone.

TRENDS, the foundation’s flagship resource, continues to inform and engage our community on the issues most important to Boulder County. But this edition is different. We listened when you told us facts are absolutely necessary, but they can also be overwhelming. All the data are now accessible and searchable here at commfound.org/TRENDS.

In this edition of TRENDS, you’ll meet people who are writing their own narratives about critical issues in Boulder County. These stories are about Finding Our Resolve to overcome – and change – the odds. As the Community Foundation uses TRENDS, it continues to ask the questions: “Who are we talking about?” and “Who’s not here?” The foundation strives to fulfill its values of standing with the most vulnerable, advancing equity and supporting leaders living the reality of the prevailing issues in our community.

We hope you will follow the Community Foundation’s blog, attend a TRENDS presentation and financially support this important work.

TRENDS tells us what we need to know about ourselves. It is a compass that gives us direction and points the way to solutions. And as we find our resolve, we recognize resolve alone is not enough. TRENDS is fundamentally a call to action. We look forward to working with you in this place we call home.

Yours in Community,

Jeff Hirota
CEO, Community Foundation Boulder County