An unexpected phone call

Dear TRENDS Diary,

I got the most unexpected check-in call today from BVSD transportation. It was the woman who assists my special-needs son on his morning bus ride to school (or did, before the shutdown).

My son was assigned to a new school in another town just a couple of months ago to better accommodate his needs; accessible busing was part of the change. 

My husband and I would load our son onto the minibus and exchange pleasantries with her and the driver every morning, but for most of the 30-minute ride to school, my son, the only passenger, would not speak. 

I am guessing that they exchanged maybe a dozen sentences on those drives between January and March. So imagine my surprise that this motherly figure called today and chatted for ten minutes, asking how we are doing, how my son is doing with remote learning, making sure we are all healthy and asking to talk to my son "if he wants to." He did! 

I don't even know if her name is Lori or Laurie or some other spelling; all I know is that now she is "sleeping in until 6" instead of getting up at 4:15(!) every morning for this job, and that I can't wait to see her again and give her a hug for reaching out to her taciturn charge and his family. 

I revere the teachers who have stepped up to meet the home-learning challenge, but can't let our community overlook the extraordinary network of other people in BVSD, who care deeply about the students and are still working to take care of them.

- Tila Duhaime