Weekly Update: COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County

Dear Friends, 
I hope this week's message finds you healthy and finding creative ways to stay positive as the "stay at home" order continues. I know we're all finding ways to support neighbors who are facing this community crisis from a less stable position, and I thank you for your generosity, compassion, and work. 
This week, your Community Foundation Boulder County team is focusing on four primary tasks: preparing the second slate of grants to be made from our COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County; learning about how the CARES Act will support nonprofits so we can help local groups navigate the application process; working with individual donors to help them make the most difference during this health crisis; and supporting connection among us all through TRENDS Diary.  
Early next week we will announce our second round of grants to support COVID-19 prevention efforts by organizations serving those most vulnerable to the coronavirus and most impacted by inequity. As the fund builds and money becomes available to grant out, our programs team is in touch daily with other local funders and evaluating the smartest way to deploy future grants. 
We have not yet seen the peak of this crisis and we are mindful this crisis will involve prevention, intervention, and recovery phases. We don't know how long or intense any of the phases will be, and we don't yet know exactly what sort of government aid will actualize. We do know the foundation intends to provide funding and support through all three phases. To make this possible, we ask you to continue supporting the COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County.
Late last week we launched TRENDS Diary. Its current focus is about our shared need to connect and solve problems despite our increased isolation. Three Boulder County residents shared stories online and during a radio show this past Monday. I encourage you to read or listen and consider making your own TRENDS Diary entry.  
Nonprofit Partners, we understand that the plethora of information about the CARES Act has been overwhelming and confusing. With the help of two of our Trustees, we plan to boil down what is currently known, not known, and how you can get started seeking assistance. Please look for a separate email about navigating the CARES Act.  
While it feels challenging to report out about anything other than COVID-19 relief efforts, I want to remind everyone to take the 2020 Census. Census results will directly impact Federal funding to Boulder County, and that funding has a new level of importance now. Additionally, by taking the Census now, each of us can help free up Census workers to focus on residents who face barriers to participation.  
I will be in touch again soon announcing the next round of COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County grants. Until then, I wish you and all of your loved ones safety and good health.  
Yours in community, 
Jeff Hirota, CEO