What is the Plan for the Remaining Dollars of the Wildfire Fund?

Last week we had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of Marshall Fire survivors to discuss the Community Foundation’s plan for the remainder of the Wildfire Fund. We are very grateful for the leadership of the Marshall Fire survivor groups Superior Rising and Marshall Together, without whose tireless work advocating for and organizing with survivors of this unimaginable disaster this meeting would not have been possible. It was an important step forward, and we are fortunate to have such an engaged community to walk with on the path to recovery. 


In addition to continuing these crucial meetings with the survivors, we will keep our Wildfire Fund info page updated, including what funds have been raised and disbursed as well as the plans for future allocations.

As of April 2nd, the Wildfire Fund has raised over $38 million from more than 76,000 donors and has disbursed a total of $8,165,000, or 21% of the funds raised. 

In addition to the $8.1 million disbursed for immediate supports, the Wildfire Fund is prioritizing home rebuilding, the needs of the most vulnerable survivors of the Marshall Fire, and ensuring wrap-around supports such as mental health and navigation of the recovery process are made available for all.  

The allocation of the remaining dollars of the fund are as follows: 

  • Up to $20 million to support rebuilding efforts  

  • Up to $2.5 million to support Unmet Basic Needs (through disaster case management) 

  • Up to $750,000 for mental health supports  

  • $1 million to support the establishment of recovery navigation  

  • Up to $1 million to assist with smoke/ash remediation 

  • Up to $500,000 for social infrastructure / community resiliency (through entities like Marshal Together, Superior Rising and/or their fiscal sponsors) 

  • Up to $750,000 to support nonprofit organizations assisting with disaster response 

  • Up to $2 million for debris removal (through Boulder County for underinsured / uninsured)  


The previously disbursed dollars for immediate supports:

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Since day one, we have been engaged with our government, business, nonprofit and community partners, to find innovative solutions to meet the needs of our community and honor the donor intent of this unprecedented philanthropic effort. We are grateful for collaboration and fortunate to serve such an amazing community.