Who Are We? WHAT CAN I DO?

Educate yourself about the history of native and Hispanic peoples in the Boulder County area. The Boulder County Latino History Project is a great place to start, as is the interactive exhibit on native peoples at the Boulder Museum.

Get to know your neighbors by hosting or participating in community events or simply knocking on their door and introducing yourself. Residents, young and old, are feeling the effects of social isolation. A little friendly interaction can go a long way toward reminding them they are not alone.

If you’ve got extra room in your house or own multiple properties, consider renting the space out at an affordable rate. You can partner with organizations such as Bridge House or the Center for People With Disabilities to provide housing to the formerly homeless or young adults with developmental disabilities. Nonprofits and small businesses are similarly in need of affordable housing for their workforces.

Consider donating to Emergency Family Assistance Association. Their programs help keep families with kids in their homes, and helps connect families with resources and parents with training programs and better jobs.

by Chris Barge