April 12, 2023 Wildfire Fund Town Hall: Status of Funds, Rebuild & Unmet Needs Fund, Smoke and Ash Expansion, and moving forward

On Wednesday, April 12th, Community Foundation Boulder County (CFBC) held a town hall at the Louisville Recreation & Senior Center where CEO Tatiana Hernandez provided an update to Marshall Fire survivors on the Boulder County Wildfire Fund. Ms. Hernandez was joined by Megan Ferguson of the Impact Development Fund (IDF), who has been a critical community partner in providing access to grants, rebates, forgivable loans, and traditional loans that are available by State, municipal, and philanthropic funding sources. Among updates provided on the Wildfire Fund, an expansion of smoke and ash coverage, and future plans for the fund, it was announced that resources provided by IDF, including Boulder County Wildfire Funds, are now accessible online.

You can watch the entirety of the town hall on YouTube, including a 30-minute presentation Ms. Hernandez gave preceding an hour-long Q&A with Marshall Fire survivors in attendance as well as those who joined online.

View the Entire Town Hall Here >

The presentation covered: A Wildfire Fund update, Rebuild & Unmet Needs Fund Updates, smoke and ash expansion, and considerations moving forward.​

What is the status of the funds?  

  • Raised $43.28 million from more than 82,000 donations​
  • Over $20 million distributed​
  • Over $34 million allocated including:​

      - $20 million for Rebuild Fund of which over $7 million has been approved​

      - All CFBC funds, including the Wildfire Fund, are audited annually and publicly available.


Rebuild Fund update:

  • Grant approvals are tracking with permit approvals​
  • Over 300 grants have been approved, totaling over $7 million in Rebuild Fund support​
  • Foundation is tracking lots sold vs permits vs grant approvals​
  • Smoke and ash expansion​
  • Application now available online

Unmet Needs Update​:

  • Based on survey feedback / streamlining process by allowing direct application​ 
  • Application now available online
  • Intent of fund is to support the most vulnerable households that are economically struggling with basic needs such as housing, transportation, medical bills and food and clothing. ​
  • Outreach will be made to ensure no families are left behind​
  • Approximately $404,601 has been paid out to qualifying households​
  • Recovery Navigators are still available to help with wrap around supports​

Smoke and ash expansion​:

  • Properties with substantial and structural damage​
  • Financial gap​
  • Point system developed through real scenarios: minimum of five (5) points for eligibility. ​
  • 1 Point Each: Flooring​, Drywall​, Cabinets​, Windows​, Encapsulation​
  • 2 Points Each​: Insulation​, Roof​, HVAC​, Siding​

Considerations Moving Forward​:

  • Additional Living Expenses (ALE)​
  • Ongoing Mental Health Support​
  • Identifying if additional funds are needed​