Community Partner Spotlight: Conscience Bay Company

At Conscience Bay Company, President and Founder Eli Feldman seeks to produce economic, social and environmental returns through multigenerational real estate investments. Put another way, the company equates property ownership with responsibility, profits and good stewardship.

Eli Feldman (left) and Ben Woolf, Director of Investments, Conscience Bay Co.
Eli Feldman (left) and Ben Woolf, Director of Investments, Conscience Bay Co.

“It’s all about the power community,” says Feldman. “Together, we can bring about positive social change, which is why our support of The Community Foundation is an obvious and natural fit.”

Feldman first learned about The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County when his wife, Amanda, became involved with the foundation. “Initially, we personally donated to the foundation,” he says. “Then we started donating through my business, too.

“It’s a very convenient and reliable way to reach many different nonprofits by leveraging the foundation’s ability to research and vet where the money goes, ensuring that our funds are being used efficiently and effectively.”

Feldman describes Conscience Bay Co. as a mission-driven organization that’s concerned with social and environmental sustainability – as well as profitability. “We invest in solar panels, efficient lighting and other energy efficiencies,” he says. “A component of our business is to give back to our community, and to help our community achieve its environmental and social welfare goals.”

Conscience Bay Co. gives back in other ways, too. “We started a series of events at our office featuring a different nonprofit organization every month. We provide food, beverages, live music – in short, we create an event that gives the stage to different organizations.”

The 929 PRL Summer Series, co-sponsored with BFG Partners, kicked off in May by spotlighting Western Resource Associates, coincidentally a grantee of The Community Foundation; the next event on July 16 will feature the Building Goodness Foundation.

“Our goal is to help these organizations raise money, and to elevate community philanthropy,” explains Feldman. “We hope to broaden awareness – and peoples’ horizons – about opportunities to give. Partnering with The Community Foundation is part of that.

“It’s our view that, if we’re going to be running a business, we should use that business to make the world a better place. Our operating agreements state that I’m authorized to distribute funds to nonprofit groups, which is understood and agreed upon by everyone – from our staff to our equity investors.”

Concludes Feldman, “The Community Foundation has a unique perspective on the needs of our community. They provide the due diligence on grantee organizations, which is a great value for any business looking to make an impact.”