Leadership Fellow Spotlight: David Brantz

David Brantz with his wife, Carly, and their daughters Samantha and Carina.
David Brantz with his wife, Carly, and their daughters Samantha and Carina.

For Boulder native David Brantz, getting involved with The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County began in 2008 when he ran into his former high school Spanish teacher. 

“Euvaldo Valdez was on The Community Foundation board at the time, and he encouraged me to get involved,” said Brantz, a partner at the law firm Kottke & Brantz, LLC, where he focuses on estate planning, probate, real estate and business law. “I started serving on the legal committee of The Community Foundation, then chaired that committee.” Currently, Brantz serves as Secretary of the foundation’s Board of Trustees.  

“Having grown up here, and still living here now, I’m very geographically-driven. My wife, whom I met freshman year at Boulder High School, is also a Boulder native…and we’re raising our girls here. So the fact that The Community Foundation is making lives better in Boulder County really speaks to my heart,” continued Brantz. “I found out about the Leadership Fellows and ended up participating in the inaugural year of the program."

For Brantz, the Leadership Fellows program was an important opportunity to grow – both professionally and personally. “The program brings together a great mix of people across sectors – government, nonprofits and business,” he said. “It’s great for meeting new people and networking, and learning about the role of leadership in these different sectors.”

Among countless connections made through the Leadership Fellows program, Brantz and Eliberto Mendoza met in their fellowship year. As a result, Brantz is currently involved with the Circles Campaign, a movement to end poverty. 

“I also like the fact that Fellows have opportunities to connect with participants from all the other fellowship years on an ongoing basis,” said Brantz. “That way, the network just keeps growing.”

While Brantz says he’s “decently aware” about community needs in Boulder County, he’s quick to point out that those needs aren’t always obvious. 

“My older daughter goes to the same school that I went to [Columbine Elementary], one of the Title 1 schools,” he said. “I was surprised to learn that it’s now comprised of 50 percent ESL kids. 

“The Community Foundation’s early childhood education initiatives have definitely been eye-opening for me, and have helped me to get a better grasp on some of the challenges faced by our education system. The foundation’s research into community needs, in general, gives me the facts I need to more effectively make a difference.

“That why I encourage everyone I know to donate to The Community Foundation before the end of the year. For my part, I do it to help other people…but I also do it for me. I want our community to be as great as it can be. 

“I want everyone who comes here for a visit to see that Boulder County is the most wonderful place to live. That’s how I feel, anyway, and it’s why I contribute time and money to The Community Foundation. It’s my way to give back to the community I live and work in. 

“There are some real needs in our community, and the foundation can help you think about giving in the most impactful way.”