Funding Areas

For more than 25 years, Community Foundation Boulder County has been a community catalyst, responding to immediate needs and anticipating future challenges. We're here to help you make a difference in the community you love. Learn more about our funding areas, our impact and why we rely on you. For everyone who calls Boulder County home, we accomplish more together than we do alone.

Community Foundation Boulder County takes the lead and makes tangible connections to needs. They make community real. That’s the difference, and we’re so grateful."

~Kristy Anderson, grant recipient after the 2013 flood

Tackling environmental concerns like water usage, driving and other contributors to air quality.

Keeping the county’s arts and cultural activities vibrant and vital.

Making it possible for people to eat, sleep with a roof over their head, and more.

Inspiring more giving and greater inclusivity in an increasingly diverse community.

Nurturing children and youth by protecting them from the effects of poverty or bullying, and more.

Igniting action around the growing number of Boulder County kids who are falling behind.

Ensuring that good health and safety are accessible for all county residents.

Mobilizing financial and human resources on behalf of a particular geographic community.