Programs & Initiatives

Through community collaboration and a commitment to inclusivity and equity, our programs and initiatives inspire ideas and ignite action for maximum community impact.

Community Foundation Boulder County takes the lead and makes tangible connections to needs. They make community real. That’s the difference, and we’re so grateful.

- Kristy Anderson, grant recipient after the 2013 flood

Connecting emerging leaders across sectors, we build networks and advance inclusivity countywide.

Promoting community engagement and leadership among youth.

Supporting and enhancing the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

Improving opportunities and quality of life for Latinos by engaging donors in philanthropy.

Emerging corporate philanthropists look to us to leverage their commitment to local communities.

Igniting action to close Boulder County’s achievement gap between Latino and Anglo students.

Recognizing community members giving their time, treasure, and talent to the Boulder County community.

Supporting the strengths and needs of veterans and their families.

Recognizing outstanding local leaders in Boulder County.